Osato Chitou


 Osato Chitou Gateway Health Plan

Osato F. Chitou, Esq., MPH

Medicare Compliance Officer, Gateway Health Plan, PA

   Chair of RISE Regulatory and Compliance Oversight Advisory Board

   Member of Executive Committee of the RISE Advisory Board


Ms. Chitou currently serves as Medicare Compliance Officer for Gateway Health Plan. Prior to joining Gateway, Ms. Chitou served as the Director of Medicare Compliance for Amida Care, a not for profit health plan in New York founded by several community based organizations.   Ms. Chitou is well versed in the industry having served as Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs    for CarePoint Health Plans, a startup Medicare Advantage plan in Hudson County NJ, as well as served as compliance officer for Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, a 669-­‐bed regional care teaching hospital. Additionally, Ms. Chitou also served as a legal specialist charged with    overseeing Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) New Jersey market entry and exit including MCO applications, closee out activities, and procurement cycles at the NJ Department of Human Services. Ms. Chitou was also an associate in the Healthcare & Healthcare Privacy practice groups at Moses & Singer LLP. While there, her areas of concentration included state and federal health privacy issues and regulatory compliance with HIPAA and HITECH.


Osato was a freelance writer for The National Jurist and appeared as a featured guest on the award winning talk show Good Evening Ghana. She is also an adjunct professor at Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration and has taught the following courses: Law and Public Health, Leadership and Diversity, and Healthcare Management. Additionally, she serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the Alumni Association for Rutgers School of Lawe Newark, as well as on the Executive Board of Directors for the New Jersey Women Lawyers Association and is Coe Diversity Officer. Ms. Chitou is admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey.OsatoF.Chitou,Esq.,MPHMs.ChitoucurrentlyservesasMedicareComplianceOfficerforGatewayHealthPlan.PriortojoiningGateway,Ms.ChitouservedastheDirectorofMedicareComplianceforAmidaCare,anotforprofithealthplaninNewYorkfoundedbyseveralcommunitybasedorganizations.Ms.ChitouiswellversedintheindustryhavingservedasDirectorofLegal&RegulatoryAffairsforCarePointHealthPlans,astartupMedicareAdvantageplaninHudsonCountyNJ,aswellasservedascomplianceofficerforNewarkBethIsraelMedicalCenter,a669-­‐bedregionalcareteachinghospital.Additionally,Ms.ChitoualsoservedasalegalspecialistchargedwithoverseeingManagedCareOrganizations(MCOs)NewJerseymarketentryandexitincludingMCOapplications,closee outactivities,andprocurementcyclesattheNJDepartmentofHumanServices.Ms.ChitouwasalsoanassociateintheHealthcare&HealthcarePrivacypracticegroupsatMoses&SingerLLP.Whilethere,herareasofconcentrationincludedstateandfederalhealthprivacyissuesandregulatorycompliancewithHIPAAandHITECH.OsatowasafreelancewriterforTheNationalJuristandappearedasafeaturedguestontheawardwinningtalkshowGoodEveningGhana.SheisalsoanadjunctprofessoratRutgersSchoolofPublicAffairsandAdministrationandhastaughtthefollowingcourses:LawandPublicHealth,LeadershipandDiversity,andHealthcareManagement.Additionally,sheservesasPresidentoftheBoardofTrusteesoftheAlumniAssociationforRutgersSchoolofLaweNewark,aswellasontheExecutiveBoardofDirectorsfortheNewJerseyWomenLawyersAssociationandisCoe DiversityOfficer.Ms.ChitouisadmittedtopracticelawinNewYorkandNewJersey.

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