Scott Filiault

Scott Filiault Pulse8

Scott Filiault
Chief Revenue Officer, Pulse8
Member of Executive Committee of RISE
Chair of ACA Marketplace Advisory Board
Scott Filiault is the Chief Revenue Officer of Pulse8, a cutting-edge healthcare technology and
data analytics company focused on delivering the highest financial impact by providing an
unprecedented view into risk adjustment for health plans with Commercial, Medicare Advantage
and Long-Term Care populations. Scott leads Pulse8’s sales efforts by focusing on new business
development, and assists in the company’s business strategy and future channel opportunities.
Prior to joining Pulse8, Scott served as Vice President of Sales for Matrix Medical Network, the
nation’s leader in prospective assessments. He was instrumental in the company’s growth and
is recognized as one of the Industry’s leading executives.
In addition to his Managed care experience, he has led and developed sales and marketing
strategies for the Medical Device field and the Institutional/Hospital markets. He is also
credited with improving health plan performance and profitability through effective, stateof-
the-art care management programs, risk adjustment services, and data-driven strategies.
Scott has served as National Director of Sales, working with both HIX and Medicare
Advantage plans. He helped develop and deliver the marketing strategy for a predictive
modeling company and the identification and stratification of members for case and disease
management. In addition, Scott planned and implemented the Managed Care Training
Program for the New York City Managed Medicaid initiative.
Scott has international experience where he helped develop and market software programs that
measure cognitive function for neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
diseases, MS, and schizophrenia.

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