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Welcome to the home of the Resource Initiative and Society for Education (RISE). RISE is the first national association totally dedicated to healthcare professionals meeting the challenges of accountable healthcare. We strive to serve our members on four fronts: Networking, Education, Jobs and Industry Intelligence. Please explore our website and the resources it provides. Those wanting to join the association are invited to complete and submit an application. Take a look at the benefits and services of membership. 

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Top 10 Highlights from the Massachusetts Health Care Cost Trends Hearing

Check in with Rosemarie Day as she reports on the state of Massachusetts and how their evolving healthcare reform movement is faring. A former speaker at RISE California, Rosemarie has a distinctive authority based on her experience at The Connector in the original formation of the public insurance exchange several years ago. By Rosemarie Day | October 8, 2015 | Blog, Blog & Press Massachusetts led the nation in insuring more people and is now attempting to tackle its rising health care costs ...
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A Risk Adjustment Education Webinar Series from Richard Lieberman

The only comprehensive risk adjustment education series for health plans, exchange issuers, ACOs and risk-bearing provider groups from Mile High Healthcare Analytics A true deep dive into the critical issues facing risk adjustment programs today. This is not a high-level 101 version of risk adjustment, it is aimed at decision-makers looking for practical advice on how to optimize their operations quickly. Delivered online, this is the perfect series to fit into your busy schedule and to avoid expensive travel costs....
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RISE Nashville

Entering its 10th year, the RISE Nashville Summit has become the most comprehensive learning event for Medicare Advantage plan, Commercial plan, and provider group senior leaders dedicated to Quality Improvement, Risk Adjustment, Analytics and Care Management initiatives.


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How Cognitive Computing will Reimagine Risk Adjustment

Manual review of charts can be painstakingly slow and tedious work. Depending upon the chart size and patient medical condition, a coder can review from 3 to 5 charts per hour. The coding staff required to review charts for larger Medicare Advantage (MA) plans keeps many from reducing their reliance on vendors for retrospective chart review activities.   


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