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The RISE Difference

Our mission is to provide a community for professionals looking to stay ahead and advance their careers. We transform knowledge into advantage by providing best-in-class information on emerging topics, offering only the highest quality and most relevant content, and creating buzzworthy networking opportunities through a multitude of formats including live events, online courses and onsite training.


Live Events

25+ in-depth events annually focused on sophisticated topics, access to key opinion leaders, and ample networking opportunities for professionals of all levels


The RISE Association

Offering three engaged communities, The RISE Association is a network of 3,500+ members that come together for networking, education, and industry collaboration on a 24/7/365 basis


The RISE Institute

Our training and education arm is focused on the new landscape of Risk Adjustment and HCC Coding, delivered in a multitude of formats from onsite training to online learning and certification


Insights & Articles

Let RISE be your resource for news and insights on the emerging landscape of accountable care and government health care reform

The RISE Association is the first national association organized into three engaged communities formed around the primary interests of our members

Quality & Revenue Community

Our focus is on the transformation to value-based care to bring health care towards an accountable and sustainable model for government-financed care


Medicare Member Acquisition & Experience Community

Our focus is on local and regional Medicare Advantage health plans looking to differentiate from national carriers and grow and retain their membership base

Social Determinants of Health Community

A place for cross-sectional thought leaders to share and learn strategies, tactics, and how-to knowledge to achieve better outcomes for the most vulnerable populations

Featured Events & Insights
Event Center Listings

Medicare Marketing & Sales Summit 2021

Ranked #1 in the industry for the 14th year in a row, our top-notch content is specifically curated for marketing, sales, and product development professionals at local and regional Medicare Advantage health plans to provide methods for differentiating from national carriers to grow and retain your membership base year-on-year.

Event Center Listings

RISE National 2021

As the #1 trusted source for risk adjustment, quality, Stars and beyond, RISE National 2021 is the must-attend mega-conference for professionals of all levels in the Medicare Advantage and ACA market.