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Welcome to the home of the Resource Initiative and Society for Education (RISE). RISE is the first national association totally dedicated to healthcare professionals meeting the challenges of the financing and delivery of accountable healthcare. We strive to serve our members on four fronts: Networking, Education, Jobs and Industry Intelligence. Please explore our website and the resources it provides. Those wanting to join the association are invited to complete and submit an application. Take a look at the benefits and services of membership. 

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Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: November 2016

Health Care in the 2016 Election Many factors were important to voters’ choices in the 2016 presidential election, with over two-thirds of voters stating that the direction the country is headed (82 percent), jobs and economy (75 percent), and health care (68 percent) were a “major factor” in their vote. Majorities also cite foreign policy (63 percent), terrorism (61 percent), immigration (58 percent), and candidates’ personal characteristics (56 percent for Clinton’s and 54 percent for Trump’s) as “major factors.” When voters are asked to select the “biggest factor” in their vote for president, the direction of the country (31 percent), Donald Trump’s personal characteristics (15 percent), jobs and the economy (15 percent), and Hillary Clinton’s personal characteristics (12 percent) rank above health care (8 percent)....
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Payment and Delivery System Reform in Medicare: A Primer on Medical Homes, Accountable Care Organizations, and Bundled Payments

Nov 17, 2016 by Susan Baseman, Cristina Boccuti, Marilyn Moon, Shannon Griffin, and Tania Dutta Kaiser Family Foundation The Affordable Care Act (ACA) established several initiatives to identify new payment approaches for health care that could lead to slower spending growth and improvements in the quality of care. Many of these new delivery system reforms are currently being implemented and tested in traditional Medicare. This Primer describes the framework and concepts of three broad alternative payment models—medical homes, ACOs, and bundled payments—and reviews their goals, financial incentives, size (number of participating providers and beneficiaries affected), and potential beneficiary implications. It also summarizes early results with respect to Medicare savings and quality....
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Upcoming Conference


Advanced HCC Coding and Documentation


RISE announces a unique and powerful national workshop for HCC Coding, Quality and Education Leadership on February 15 – 17, 2017, in San Diego. Don’t confuse this with the 101 workshop! Designed and developed by the RISE HCC Coding Faculty Design Group, the theme here is how to create and implement the programs that apply the technical knowledge mastered in the 101 workshops.


Upcoming Webinar

Mastering Risk Adjustment

In today’s increasingly competitive, value-based market, accurate and timely risk adjustment is critical to the success of payer organizations, directly impacting both plan revenue and care quality. Effectively tackling risk adjustment starts with streamlining the chart review process and improving coder productivity, efficiency and accuracy. Join this webinar to learn how to address key risk adjustment challenges facing health plans today and the steps you can take to master risk adjustment through improved coding practices.


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